Return to the transfiguration on «ANTHROPOCHRYSOPIDAE».

“I was submerged and intoxicated by the aroma of a garden open to the public, well … the most curious public was the garden of a thousand changing forms, suddenly I had that trans (a) feeling so common in me; I shrugged to the size of a sunflower seed, then the dream crystallized while around me small and microscopic things become gigantic, in a meaningless turn to my left, I notice a movement, it was a Crisopa with its extravagant shape under a dress winged full of green fluorine veins, like a futuristic acid fairy, I really enjoyed seeing those aphids devouring as respect should the maniacs and intolerant. “

The pest protector. LIQEN, 2018

For all men and women who resist calmly.
Sketch for a sculpture garden, pest protector and balsamic guardian. Ink on paper,
2018, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Design: Liqen
Production: Jason Grounlund, Liqen, Fino Lozano and Weren Delgado.
Concept: Metamorphic image between a woman and what is commonly called Crisopa; winged insect also called “green fairy”, which is used for pest control and helps plants deworm aphids and other insects harmful to plants, therefore the function is to protect and care for the garden. This image will serve as a model for a realization in volume to scale to be determined.

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