Suddenly I am sweating and I can hardly react, I find myself in a Sahara desert …, in the distance I begin to vaguely differentiate the thousand forms of a dromedary as if it were a few slides, they pass an image after others, some overlap creating images of an exotic beauty other more difficult to digest but not for that reason ugly,… I don’t know if it is a hallucination product of my fatigue or what this place offers me, this endless desert. The same metamorphosis that my body suffers is subject to dromedary matter, all this leaves me a strange pleasure and moves me away from the underworld.

Ink on paper, A3, approx. 2016. RABAT, MOROCCO.


1. Aedes subter stramen cameli

2. Camelserpens

3. Serpentcameli

4. Genomacamel

5. Cameli Mosque

6. Cactumeli

7. Camelbird

8. Ungrycameli

9. UFO camel

10. Montanacameli

11. Camelsystem

12. Trafficpuzzlecamel

13. Zepellinfishcameli

14. Beautysalooncameli

15. Calameli

16. Guitarcameli

17. Uovo cameli

18. Tirachinas cameli

19. Cameli lunaris

20. Scorpio Cameli

21. Motorcameli

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