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The Cabinet of curiosities  

For these worlds where time seems embalmed our supervisors allowed us to review once again the objects extracted from nature (human and non-human), by the common manipulator; man, in these ways you can glimpse the burden of history, of the knowledge of our science, an interpretation of our manufacturing; replicas of ways of existence of the psyche, strange beings never created before, mutations, inventions of fantasy that are now dissected, objects of worship now in glass urns, morbid objects, museum, forgotten and manipulated, because perhaps they have belonged to historical moments with a very deep mark, objects that have served as a study and that have perished or simply their contribution to their study has stopped dead, until travel memories can be observed.

All this mass of mystery was left behind, now they are in a distorted landscape of one of the processors called by the experts “galaxies-brains”. Here the man already submitted to the screen lost its dimension, while the love between two bodies seeks its definition in a liquid world, walking to meet him under the addiction produced by the cataract of insatiable information of his commands, causing them to pass one in front to the other without realizing it. Distractly everything has been a memory that was lost in memory, in our ridiculous space and time about history, where forgiveness will be given and received through cables, where revenge is meaningless.

This cabinet of curiosities is a compendium of motifs, oddities and objects that have appeared in Liqen’s mind during practically all his life, his own concerns, as a reminder of those times of observation and drawing with special taste for animal morphology and his understanding as human that mutates and transcends, where the relationship and equality between the macro and the micro continues to be observed; “Dwarf man between the magnitude of a modified nature.”

With this, he only wants to say goodbye to the past and the future, to be the present moment, Liqen is the liar of the now, and the villain of his time, pleasure.

Acrylic on wall. Collaboration with Positive propaganda and the culture area of Munich, Germany, 2018
Thank you very much to all.
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