“I am he who after man was reborn without a soul, I am he who gathers all history, I am the reason for his existence, he who obeys, I am he who watches and is guarded, he who throws bombs from his chest and urinates oil, I am the fact hunter and image captor, I am the anthropocene fuse, the programming atom, the essence being, I am the creator and destroyer; the sacred angel of the past, of now and tomorrow, the future of the human race. ”

Here are the details of a study of human soul in times of futuristic fiction, it is a project to carry out in three dimensions, of variable measures, and that for the moment is looking for space and interest for its execution.

With a high index of metaphysical reality, this kind of «automaton angel», perhaps one of the future species that will populate this world increasingly subjected to the machine and the screen, will probably fall into oblivion.

Studies, plants and elevations for sculptural project of “Protoangel or digiangel”, ink on paper, 2018. “Technosis” collection.
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