Ultimatum to the “humanoids” … There is no curse that is not blessed, and vice versa.
It is not that we live in a pleasant historical moment, but we are inspired by the stupidity in which we are immersed; The low awareness of where we live, illiteracy and poor balance about nature and our morals mixed with technology are sources of infection for global discomfort. We only have to see countries that have chosen leaders who leave much to be desired intellectually and the populist clashes of our societies, guided by money and not by study. But yes, all this is the breeding ground for scabies and satire, I also know that this state of stupidity has existed throughout the history of mankind, but I think never with this volume. We are naturalizing in our thinking the artificial, moving away from the earth.

This is a commission for a private collector, dedicated to that world of people who run aimlessly or with a spiritual course away from nature as it was known until now. It is a re-interpretation of the mural called with the same name that I made in RABAT, in 2016.

Acrylic on wood, 2019. 4×2 m.
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