the complete end

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There are times when death reaches life by surprise, without mercy and with injustice taking ahead of beautiful people, delivered to life like your Mary, knowing that life and death go hand in hand your absence saddens us but we will never forget your essence and your beautiful ways, this incarnation loaded with a new life without carelessness is for you wherever you are.

Notes of the future

“In a world submitted by the man-machine there is still time and hope for an awakening, only nature dictates the rules of rebirth and one is here without vigilance to save them, protect them and disseminate them through thought and with all the respect that the nature deserves. Within a “byte” the world of dawn and the world of darkness coexist at the same time; While these intelligent machines are dedicated to sequestering seeds, metamorphosis is in the dark; from the caterpillar to the woman, and this in itself is the dawn, our sun; A new rebirth.

Then life also takes death by surprise, like a seed that comes out of the darkness, nature is wise and with respect I know that life and death are trans (a) seem and are the same layer that alternates in better or worse moments, but at the same time they equalize and overlap.

The caterpillar, the chrysalis, its metamorphosis goes beyond the human, the metamorphosis is not a death in itself, but a suffered state of hidden growth, one or several turns to the beyond with return ticket, the sacred embalming of the vital , the ritual of change in a state unknown to man, the impalpable mystery of which life is born again. ”


Text for “El Despertar”, mural painting in the building of the CTM (Jalisco workers union), Parque Morelos, with the assistance in the color of Arre VRS and the production, coordination and collaboration of the Board of Trustees of the Historic Center of Guadalajara and the Government of Guadalajara.

Thanks to them and especially to Weren, Isaac Redman, all the friends of Caligari, Arre, Hazor and the VRS, Idalmi Macías, El güero, Bernardo Vázquez, El greñas and all those who passed and will pass through the mural.

Returning to my second land Guadalajara after seven years was an act full of too many emotions and beautiful reunions. Guadalajara and Mexico in their most human dimensionality are a great family, here you can feel a sweet and raw reality at the same time, you learn from values. Like my right hand, this country rich in spirit and soul is an appendix to art, a door to the world, within its magnificent chaos one of my best collaborators without doubt. Thanks for being.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Dec-Jan 2018.
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