“The meat of the vacuum is looking for impressions of the best quality, hunger eats me … I will make a scanner of my readings.”

From the texts of Isidore and Haraban but transferred to appetite; it follows that pleasure has the same relation to content as to form: “the joys that derive from assimilating beautiful content are superior to the most vain delights of a beautiful expression.” Haraban demands, once again in the name of “decency”, that the shape (colors and taste) of the dish be submitted to the authenticity and quality of its content: the dish must not be imposed, moved and pleasing on its own, It must be put at the service of the truth. If it is necessary to choose between the pleasures we must, again, prefer, without a doubt, the spiritual and intimate beauty of the content to the superficial graces of the form.

A metamorphic and symbolic sketch inspired by my colleagues at Café Caligari (@_caligari_) and PALREAL (@_palreal_) who dedicate and offer their culinary knowledge with appetizing enthusiasm and affection. Spending hours of inspiration for the senses.

Ink on paper, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2019
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